25 March 2009

A Simple Life

We are interesting creatures who tend to make things more difficult, convoluted, and inaccessible than they are. It often crosses my mind lately what Ezra Pound said, "Man is an overcomplicated organism. If he is doomed to extinction he will die out for want of simplicity."

Around here we are coming up on a time where things aren't going to be so simple for awhile. We are planning a wedding, preparing for a couple of moves, selling a house, uprooting the flow of baking, sending a child to college, and I'm taking on a chef's position through the Fall of the year. That's the short list. Can you believe we're contemplating growing a garden, too? Somehow the waters are getting muddied by nothing other than exciting and happy events. Well, except for the child going to college and moving out. I'm already not dealing with that well. I just love and adore her very much. Back to the muddy waters... why is it that happy life events have to become complicated and stressful? I tend to make things stressful in my own way. You might be thinking that I'd be stressed over little wedding details. I'm not. I'm predicting that I'll stress over everyone not being happy during this happy time and that I'm missing out on something. I'll be so into planning for the next big thing going on that I won't enjoy the here and now. (and get photographs) Before that happens I am praying and believing God will guide and direct our decisions and I pray, too, that we won't get too busy to realize His plan for us.
< “I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am” (Phil. 4:11)>

The name of this blog will never be "Living The Simple Life." That's going on somewhere else in someone else's blogspot. We are "Living The Sweet Life." It's full of twists and turns and challenges along with love, happiness and contentment. The more challenges I overcome the more content I am. Deep down in my heart I know the day is coming when I can live like Susie homemaker (just a bit more techno savvy). If you're the happy homemaker type searching for simplicity, here are some blogs you might enjoy:

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