12 May 2009

Bake Your Best Cake

Top 10 Tips I Have For The Home Baker...
1. Make sure all of your ingredients are at room temperature for best results. (this means butter, eggs, and buttermilk, too)
2. Follow mixing instructions. If you over mix (a common mistake) your cake will have large air holes (pockets) inside and will most likely fall in the center.
3. Cake pans should only be filled 1/2 to 2/3 full.
4. When cooling your layers, leave them in the pan for 5 - 10 minutes and then release them and place on a cooling rack.
5. Grease only the bottom of your pan AND insert a piece of parchment cut exactly to the size of your pan. This allows for proper, easy release and your cake will rise thoroughly.
6. After filling your pan with batter, tap it lioghtly on the counter. This helps remove air pockets before baking.
7. Don't worry about getting egg shells in the batter. They will sink completely to the bottom of the cake layer and will be easy to remove once the layer is cooled and inverted.
8. Invest in the best ingredients for the best results.
9. Measure all of your ingredients before you begin (mise en place). Also, use accurate measurements. 1 cup means one level cup. Use liquid measuring cups for liquids and the standard cups for your dry ingredients.
10. To cut a perfect slice of cake a warm knife works best. Run it under some warm water and completely dry the blade before cutting. A serrated knife works well.

Hopefully these tips will allow for better results and make your baking experience a true joy.


Para i familiaku said...

thanks for the tips...

Paula J said...

Hi Melanie! I'm now following your blog as well. I just read your tips for baking cakes - I always bake my kids birthday cakes and you gave some great tips such as to have all the ingredients at room temperature. I'll remember that one!