22 April 2009

Be Good To Yourself & Your World

Happy Earth Day Everyone!
In honor of the day I'm passing along some Earth Day savings offers for some of my favorite things and tips for living green that are quite doable - you might say light green living.

In honor of the day, Aveda is offering 2 free best-selling samples sourced with sustainable ingredients, plus free shipping on all $60 orders. This is a good opportunity to shop for Mother's Day. Enter offer code EARTH69 at checkout. And, with all orders this week you will receive a free copy of the new Aveda magazine. Visit www.Aveda.com . Their website has some good reading about clean water and organic farming in relation to Aveda products. My curly locks reeeeally like Aveda products and my new hairsylist, Kari, at Outersanctum Salon in Boone, NC.

The Etsy Vintage Market Team is having a huge week long vintage sale to celebrate Earth Day. You can save anywhere from 20-50% off of hundreds of vintage items! Just visit Etsy and use the search term "vmteamearth".

If you are like I used to be, most of the mail I got was junk mail. Credit card and insurance offers came almost everyday. There’s a way to stop most of this mail and keep it from ever being printed, mailed in a gas guzzling truck or ending up in the recycle bin. Stop it by going to the Direct Marketing Association website and opt out. You can sign up on their website or print out a form and mail it in with $1. This will stop most junk mail because a lot of mailers are members of the DMA. Here’s where to learn more: https://www.dmachoice.org/MPS/proto1.php

You can also opt out of all those pre-approved credit card offers by telling the credit bureaus you don’t want them. This website will help you contact them all. https://www.optoutprescreen.com/

Water Conservation:
I catch rain water for watering my plants. Use cold water when doing laundry and make sure you have a full load. Full loads for the dishwasher is best, too. I have a leaky kitchen faucet that needs to be fixed. Do you realize that if your faucet is dripping at the rate of one drop per second, you can expect to waste 2,700 gallons per year! Repair dripping faucets by replacing washers. Do not use running water to thaw meat or other frozen foods. Defrost food overnight in the refrigerator or by using the defrost setting on your microwave. Use reusable, BPA free water bottles and fill with filtered water from your home, rather than buying cases of bottled water.

Play Outside & Enjoy a Hike with Someone You Love
We had a great time together last weekend taking a long ride around our gorgeous mountains in Barry's Jeep and hiking on The Blue Ridge Parkway.

Leave Dirt At The Door
As a mom, I have encouraged the practice of taking off shoes at the door because I want a clean home. Taking off your shoes not only helps keep your home cleaner, it also helps keep it healthier. Think about it. Where have the bottom of your shoes been? If you've stopped to fill up your car, you can track home gasoline on your feet. If you've walked through a freshly treated lawn or putting green, you can track home toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Seemingly benign dirt can have traces of lead in it. You walk through it, then you walk through your home leaving traces on your rug, your baby crawls past, and then stops to put her hand in her mouth. Get the picture? I'm not even going to talk about public restroom floors.
The professional cleaning industry estimates that we track 85% of the dirt in our homes in from the outside on our shoes or paws of pets. In a recent warning about lead exposure, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that shoes remain outside the house. According to a report called The Door Mat Study, lead-contaminated soil from the outside causes almost all the lead dust inside homes. It notes that wiping shoes on a mat and removing them at the door cuts lead dust by 60 percent. The study explains that limiting the amount of dust and track-in may helps reduce exposure to lawn and garden pesticides, wood smoke and industrial toxins, mutagens, dust mites, and allergens. Wipe off your shoes as often as possible, too. I'd love to hear your ideas for training a cat to immediately clean his paws.

Each year, about 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter.
I use reusable shopping bags as often as possible. I have them in several funky designs that are much cooler than average shopping bags anyway.

Buy household items, like detergent and cleaning supplies, in concentrated forms so that you get more product per package.

Bake with Fair Trade Chocolate In buying Certified Fair Trade products means by purchasing these products you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair trade prices, direct trade community development and environmental stewardship.

I don't pretend to be the most eco-friendly girl on my block. As a matter of fact, Barry says I am the trashiest girl he knows. : ) No, no. Not trashy like that. I just generate a little more than the average amount of kitchen trash because I cook so much. I'm aware, though, and doing my part as best I can (most days).

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