12 February 2009

Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake For YOU!

One of the most important elements of a wedding day is the wedding cake. The beauty of the cake should be astonishing for the guests, and it is a centerpiece for the reception.

There are indeed numerous elements to consider when you decide upon the right cake for your wedding. Here are some tips for our bake shop clients.

1. It is advisable to have a few well-built ideas to start with. Beyond reviewing the "weddings" section of our website, you can search on a popular search engine like Google. You should use relevant keywords, like “wedding cakes". If you want to narrow your search just use more specific keywords for your search, like “chocolate wedding cake“, or even "cake bakeries in Paris". Also, review the latest cake designs in bridal magazines. Or, how about a cake similar to the one your parents had at their wedding? I've always wanted to do one of those.

2. All of our capabilities cannot be shown on the website. We have a portfolio that we can show you during a consultation appointment. In addition, ask us to send digital images to you via email of our suggestions for your wedding.

3. Once you have done your research , make a list of the preferences regarding the wedding cake so that nothing goes unsaid when we make a final cake decision.

4. The most beautiful wedding cake is the one that is both beautiful and delicious. Our bake shop offers a tasting appointment for cake orders of 40 servings or more. Different fillings, frosting and flavors are offered. Review the current list here.

5. The perfect wedding cake must include all the important elements, from the personalities of the bride and groom to the very theme of the wedding and the season of the year. You are advised to choose a design that would reflect your personality and character.

6. You should carefully consider the right combination of flavors, colors, icing and fillings for your cake. Do you have guests with food allergies? Do you want a different flavor for each tier? Don't be reluctant to try new flavors. Note that our ingredients are all fresh, every cake is baked to order, and we use real butter! (94% of all bakeries use shortening in their wedding cakes)

7. You can also opt for a tiered cupcake display in the place of the traditional cake. You can still have a small bridal cake for the cutting ceremony. Cupcakes usually cost less (depending upon decorations and if the wrapper is overly fancy). If you are on a tight budget consider serving cupcakes. They are priced at $1.90 - $3.50 each. Cupcakes can be offered in a variety of flavors for your guests.

Many of your questions about Buttercup wedding cakes can be answered here. We offer free delivery to areas local to our shop. After reviewing the website you are free to email or call us at (828) 406.4951.

1 comment:

TJLoop85 said...

Great tips for anyone looking for the perfect wedding cake.

It's definitely a good idea to bring in some pictures of various cakes you like and talk with your cake designer to see which ones are the most practical to do.

Also it's important to "sample the merchandise" if you will, to make sure there is a cake/flavor you like. To me it's all about the taste test!

Again, great tips.