13 January 2009

Hot Chili for a Cold Winter Night

Bowl of Red I have an urge to be making a big pot of chili tonight. I don't know if the urge came because it has gotten really wintry outside or because of the pungent smell of the chili powder I kneaded into dough for an hour this morning trying to get just the right brownish-red color for a bread sculpture I'm working on. No cooking tonight, though, because I'm out of town. I'm sure my family will appreciate the urge attacking again once I get home. I hear it is now 18 degrees F. and we're expecting snow in Boone. If it's going to be bone-chilling cold it may as well snow. Right? And, if we're stuck inside we may as well cook. As for chili, I thought you might like to read this Woman's Day article where they give you 10 chili recipes with variations on the theme as well as topping ideas. The "bowl of red" looks good to me, but I like just good, basic chili with lots of spice. I'll leave the chickpea variety to you adventuresome vegetarians.

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