01 September 2008

The New Blog

I'm very excited about the new blog and to give so many friends a peek into what's going on in my world of baking. When I decided to attend culinary school I was hesitant to spread the word about my new career venture because of the many questions I'd be bombarded with. My pro photographer friends have been a bit bumfuzzled about my decision to follow my second passion. I have been quite fortunate to be blessed with plenty of artistic, creative talent and I honestly feel strongly lead to use my talents for the purpose of creating a little happiness for others in the form of satisfying chocolate and sugar cravings. Besides, have you ever noticed how someone's face lights up when you bake them a cake? Some of my best life-long friends have been made in my 16 years in the pro photography realm. I'll always be passionate about the art of photography and will continue to hang with those who share this passion.